Recall of Dutch waffles highly contaminated with mineral oils

Dutch waffles recalled in Belgium and the Netherlands due to contamination with MOAH and MOSH at levels of up to 190 ppm and exceeding 1,000 ppm, respectively; exact source of contamination not known

French documentary on nanoparticles in food

Documentary by France 5 highlights use of food additives and what they are made of; special focus on nanoparticles

Public consultation: EFSA guidance on substances in baby food

EFSA publishes draft guidance on the risk assessment of substances in food for infants younger than 16 weeks; public consultation open until March 31, 2017

Eating fish that eat plastic

Article in The Guardian provides extensive summary on plastic ocean pollution, microplastic contamination of seafood, implications for human health, and ways forward

Guidelines for sample preparation needed

EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre publishes study on heavy metal contamination in canned vegetables, shows need for clear sample preparation guidelines to ensure harmonized compliance assessment

Children exposed to lead from water and food

Formula-fed infants and toddlers in U.S. exposed to lead mainly from water and food, respectively, according to new report by Environmental Protection Agency

Microplastics in supermarket fish

New United Nations report finds microplastic contamination in commercial fish and shellfish; more research needed to determine risks for human health

Replacing sticker labels with laser marks

Article in The Guardian informs about laser marking technique for fruit and vegetables; retail trial using technology as alternative to sticker labels on organic produce

Swiss FCM regulation updated

Switzerland adopts new national food law; regulation on food contact materials as well as annexes covering plastic articles, silicone articles and printing inks updated

French retailers restrict mineral oils in food

Six French retailers set limit values for MOSH and MOAH in their own-brand food products