Information about PAAs in printing inks

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment answers frequently asked questions about printing inks and primary aromatic amines in FCMs, recommends setting individual lowered migration limits for carcinogenic PAAs

Harmonizing national EU legislations on coatings

Belgian and Dutch authorities work on harmonized migration conditions for food contact coatings, invite industry associations for input

EFSA guidance on substances in infant food

EFSA issues new guidance on the risk assessment of substances in food intended for infants younger than 16 weeks; guidance applies from now on to EFSA food safety assessments

ANSES opinion: Mineral oils in paper and board FCMs

French food safety agency recommends reducing consumer exposure to mineral oils; suggests using MOAH-free printing inks, glues, additives, processing aids in paper and board food packaging but also printed media entering the recycling stream; proposes use of functional barriers

Migration from aluminum food containers

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment finds high release of aluminum ions from uncoated aluminum meal trays into acidic food simulants, recommends using different materials for heated food storage

Chemicals in coatings of coffee to go cups

German TV program investigates composition of plastic inner coatings of coffee to go cups; finds samples to contain diisodecyl phthalate and long-chain hydrocarbons

Consumer preference for glass packaging

Friends of Glass survey finds EU-consumers to favor glass packaging for food and drink; glass considered to be safest packaging material with lowest risk of interaction with food

Tenax film for migration experiments

Scientists develop Tenax film as a more convenient alternative to Tenax powder to be used as dry foods simulant in migration experiments; migration into film is lower than into powder, offers more realistic estimation of migration into food

Hazard assessment of FCM extracts

Scientists review studies on the use of select bioassays to assess hazard of food contact materials; bioassays considered a useful addition to targeted chemical analysis, especially in the assessment of finished materials and articles

Modeling migration of oligomers from PET

Scientists derive diffusion coefficients for PET oligomers under swelling conditions; compare predictions by Piringer and Welle migration models