FDA sued over GRAS program

NGO sues FDA over GRAS notification process, success would force FDA to revert back to pre-1997 rules

German printing ink ordinance only in 2016

Paper Technology Foundation holds seminar in February 2014, German printing ink ordinance not to be expected before 2016

Opinion: food contact materials are safe

American Chemistry Council responds to Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health commentary, calls it ‘inflammatory commentary’

Dietary exposure studies and uncertainties

ILSI Europe organised a workshop on Total Diet Studies and held a workshop on uncertainties in dietary exposure assessment

Taiwanese FDA requires food additive registration

Food additive supply chain must register with Taiwanese Health authorities, deadlines in May and October 2014

Opinion: No doubt about migration of FCMs

Voice of Russia UK publishes interview with Jane Muncke of the Food Packaging Forum; chemical migration from FCMs is an established fact

New method to evaluate effects of electron beam treatment on chemical migration in PP films

New two-dimensional gas chromatography method assesses effects of electron beam treatment of polypropylene films on composition of chemical migration extracts.

PCB-11 detected in clothing and paper samples

Polychlorinated bisphenyl 11 found in clothing and printed paper; presence linked to yellow pigments

Philippine city to phase out plastic and styrofoam

Cotabato City in the Philippines plans ban of non-biodegradable plastics

Danone uses bioplastics for yogurt packaging

PLA packaging estimated safer, cost-neutral and with greater price stability