JRC: survey on approaches for mixture toxicity assessment

The EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre aims to develop a consistent risk assessment approach for chemical mixtures

New JRC resource for predictive toxicology

JRC’s EU Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing launches a genotoxicity and carcinogenicity database

JRC addresses combined exposure to chemicals

The EU Commission’s JRC publishes a comprehensive overview on safety assessment of chemical mixtures

ChemAgora: fast access to chemical information

The EU Commission’s JRC launches a new chemical information portal

JRC: definition of nanomaterial

Joint Research Centre publishes 2nd report on EC nanomaterial definition; details differences among definitions

Lack of standardized measurement methods challenges nano industry

New report of the EC Joint Research Center reveals challenges of a recommended EU-wide nano-definition

New FPF report: FACET exposure tool

FACET exposure tool models migrant exposure based on food consumption; tool lends itself to risk assessment; FPF discusses strengths and weaknesses

JRC: New nanomaterial platform

European research center releases online nanomaterial platform, integrates information currently dispersed across the web

EU Commission publishes endocrine disruptor expert report

Scientific expert advisory group shares views on scientific issues relevant to endocrine disrupting chemicals

JRC: Workshop on sensory science for food contact materials safety

Experts presented their work on sensory science for food contact materials safety at a workshop in Ispra organized by the JRC