‘Cocktails’ of endocrine disruptors

New study finds molecular mechanism likely to contribute to toxic ‘cocktail effect’ of EDC mixtures

Symposium on low-dose chemical mixtures and cancer

Halifax Project symposium aims to develop hypothesis for contribution of low-dose chemical mixtures to development of cancer

Studying chemical mixtures

Workshop challenges scientists to analyze epidemiological data and develop appropriate statistical methods to assess effects of exposure to chemical mixtures

Symposium: Chemical mixtures and cancer

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences hosts symposium and webcast on the Halifax Project investigating the link between low-dose chemical mixtures and cancer

Carcinogenicity of ‘cocktails’ highlighted

Series of new studies finds mixtures of everyday non-carcinogenic chemicals to be of concern for causing cancer; individual chemicals present at low levels; opportunity for improvement of chemical risk assessment and primary prevention of cancer

Chemical cocktails harmful to human health

Danish research shows that chemical cocktails often have additive effects, thus even small doses of single chemicals are potentially harmful

EuroMix: research into chemical mixtures

EU project EuroMix has been launched to investigate strategies for chemical mixture testing

Autistic features linked to prenatal exposure to EDC mixture

Research on mixture toxicity of phthalates and polybrominated diphenyl ethers presented at Endocrine’s Society annual meeting

JRC: survey on approaches for mixture toxicity assessment

The EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre aims to develop a consistent risk assessment approach for chemical mixtures

JRC addresses combined exposure to chemicals

The EU Commission’s JRC publishes a comprehensive overview on safety assessment of chemical mixtures