New biomonitoring data from the US available

Updated tables of 4th NHANES report include phthalate metabolites

Plasticizers in Chinese wine

Chinese Alcoholic Drinks Association admits that virtually all wine contains phthalates

PET tight barrier for chemical migration, PE only sink for chemicals

Swiss researchers compare mineral oil, phthalate and UV initiator migration across different barrier materials

U.S. TV channel reports on hormone disruptors from consumer products

NBC Dateline reporter tests herself and her young children for BPA, phthalates and triclosan exposure from food packaging and other everyday products

Recycled paperboard food packaging is a manageable source of chemical contaminants

FPF reports on new European study showing that inner bags can reduce overall migration, depending on material used

Phthalates detected in US food products

First study to report levels of 9 different phthalates in various food products from the US market

New study highlights limits of personal choices aimed at reducing EDC exposure, contradicts previous research

Neither expert recommendations nor dietary intervention led to significant reduction in food-packaging derived EDC body burden, reports new US study. Regulatory action is called for to ensure food safety.

New study: Chronic diseases caused by chemical exposures in great-grandmothers

Epigenetic mechanisms thought to be responsible for health effects in rat offspring after great-grandmothers were exposed to a chemical mixture during pregnancy

Controversy about the safety of plastic food contact materials

A recently published review article by Korean researchers sparks a scientific debate on the safety of plastic food contact materials containing hormone active substances.

Ingestion of phthalates may also be linked to asthma

Irrespective of the route of exposure, a high body burden of phthalates was found to be associated with asthma in Norwegian children