Low-dose BPA exposure has adverse effects on mammary cells

U.S. scientists show that low-dose BPA upregulates expression of c-Myc gene associated with variety of human cancers

Food contact materials: more epidemiological research needed

Call for more epidemiological research on long term consequences for public health of chemicals leaching from food packaging materials

NGOs petition retailers to remove toxic chemicals

NGOs launch a campaign to remove 100s of chemicals from shelves in retail stores

New study finds US baby boomers unhealthier than previous generation

Baby boomer generation found to suffer more from chronic disease, and have lower self-rated health despite improved health care and longer life expectancy

New study: Chronic diseases caused by chemical exposures in great-grandmothers

Epigenetic mechanisms thought to be responsible for health effects in rat offspring after great-grandmothers were exposed to a chemical mixture during pregnancy