Cost of EDCs for female health

Study estimates costs of uterine fibroids and endometriosis linked to EDC exposure to reach nearly €1.5 billion per year

Opinion: TSCA reform must protect public health

Article by health professional Leonardo Trasande outlines opportunities and drawbacks of current bills to reform U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act for protection of human health

Obesogenic chemicals should be avoided

Exposure to obesogens during early life predisposes for life-long obesity and associated diseases; scientists call on doctors to inform patients on the risks and mitigation measures

Opinion: Public health revolution needed

New York Times article discusses exposure to toxic chemicals and long term health effects; calls for public health revolution to prevent further spread of preventable chronic diseases

External factors in development of cancer

New study suggests that 70-90% of cancer risk is due to environmental exposures and lifestyle choices

EDC resolution: Final text available

Meeting report of 4th International Conference on Chemicals Management now available online; final text of resolution on endocrine disrupting chemicals included

Opinions: Toxic chemicals in everyday products

Article in New York Times outlines the issue of exposure to toxic chemicals from common products and the consequences for human health

Focus on obesogens

Extensive article in The Scientist explains obesogens and why they are of concern

2nd Scientific Statement on EDCs released

Endocrine Society summarizes EDC research of the past six years and links EDC exposure to various health problems

Popcorn without fluorinated chemicals

Retailer Coop Denmark introduces microwave oven popcorn containing no fluorinated substances in the food packaging, aims to phase out further chemicals of concern by 2017