EFSA authorizes six PET recycling processes for up to 100 % use in food contact materials

EFSA authorized PET recycling processes based on the STARLINGER IV+ technology and the “RPET Nosinyec process”

EFSA unites scientists to discuss risk assessment of food contact materials

On the 7 and 8 November scientists meet to debate latest developments in the methods of risk assessment in the area of food contact materials

EFSA meets national experts on Bisphenol A

EFSA met experts from member states to  listen to recent scientific work on the risk assessment of Bisphenol A in the areas of human exposures, BPA levels in food, analytical methods and toxicity

EFSA: polypropylene crate recycling authorized for food contact materials

EFSA publishes opinion to authorize polypropylene crate recycling process “INTERSEROH Step 1” for use as food contact material.

EFSA to meet member states’ experts on BPA

On the 29 and 30 October EFSA will meet national experts to discuss information on previous and ongoing work on the safety assessment of bisphenol A

EFSA opinion approves VACUREMA Prime® technology based PET recycling processes for food contact materials

EFSA approved the use of materials derived from four types of recycling processes of PET bottles in food contact materials intended for long term storage.

NGOs question need for additional EFSA opinion on EDCs

NGOs send letter to EU Commissioners concerning the recent announcement by EFSA for another scientific opinion on endocrine disrupting chemicals. EFSA plans to publish the opinion in March 2013.

EFSA to deliver scientific opinion on endocrine disruptors

EFSA will report on human health and environmental risks from endocrine disruptors in the food chain

EFSA publishes opinion on mineral oils

In an opinion published in June EFSA concludes that there might be a need of reconsideration of Acceptable Daily Intakes (ADIs) of some  Mineral Oil ‘saturated’ Hydrocarbons (MOSHs)