FDA guidance for infant food FCMs

U.S. Food and Drug Administration releases guidance for preparation of food contact notifications for substances in contact with formula or milk

NGOs file for decision on GRAS rule

Environmental Defense Fund and Center for Food Safety file motion for summary judgement to district court challenging U.S. FDA’s rule on use of substances generally recognized as safe

FDA denies hearing on perchlorate

U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejects request by nine NGOs to hold a public hearing challenging earlier decision on perchlorate in food packaging; requestors now considering legal options

FDA bottleneck reviewing notifications

U.S. Food and Drug Administration behind in reviewing new food contact notifications; warns companies to submit thorough safety data given limited capacity for any process iterations

NGO maps PFAS contamination

The Environmental Working Group publishes report mapping PFAS contamination across U.S. sites, calls for banning PFAS in firefighting foams and consumer products including food packaging

FDA still to address ortho-phthalates

NGO calls on U.S Food and Drug Administration to rule on three outstanding petitions regarding the use of ortho-phthalates in contact with food

NGO awaits response on perchlorate

NGO requests response from U.S Food and Drug Administration eighteen months after submitting objection on continued use of perchlorate in food packaging

Food packaging regulation in U.S.

Keller and Heckman LLP reprints SciTech Lawyer article discussing regulation of food packaging in the U.S. and how it compares to other countries

Webinar on food contaminants

Webinar by Environmental Defense Fund discusses management of food contaminants with speakers from U.S. FDA and Nestlé; registration open

FDA to deauthorize 26 phthalates

U.S. Food and Drug Administration opens public comment period on revoking approvals for using 26 ortho-phthalates in food contact applications due to abandonment of use by industry; public comments accepted until January 14, 2019