Migration of substances of very high concern

New scientific study by the FPF summarizes use and migration of substances of very high concern in food contact materials; 5 out of 10 SVHCs regularly detected to migrate in food

Aggregate exposure assessment for BPA

Scientists discuss aggregate exposure assessment for bisphenol A; source-to-dose (forward) and biomonitoring-based (backward) calculation resulted in similar estimates; 90% of exposure comes from diet and the remaining 10% mainly from dermal exposure

Public consultation: EFSA guidance on substances in baby food

EFSA publishes draft guidance on the risk assessment of substances in food for infants younger than 16 weeks; public consultation open until March 31, 2017

Guidelines for sample preparation needed

EU Commission’s Joint Research Centre publishes study on heavy metal contamination in canned vegetables, shows need for clear sample preparation guidelines to ensure harmonized compliance assessment

Nanoparticles released by quasi-ceramic pans

Scientists measure release of titanium dioxide particles from non-stick surfaces of quasi-ceramic frying pans; find considerable migration of both ions and particles, partially in nanoform; acidic simulants and scratching accelerate migration

Testing release of metals from ceramics

EU reference laboratory for FCMs publishes report on approaches to test release of metals from ceramic articles; over seventy samples tested to compare migration in two food simulants and tomato sauce

Interlaboratory comparison of migration testing: Temperature control

EU Reference Laboratory for FCMs publishes a report on interlaboratory comparison for controlling the temperature during migration tests by article filling; results satisfactory only for 30% of the participating laboratories; follow-up study is planned

Interlaboratory comparison of migration testing: Quantification

EU Reference Laboratory for FCMs publishes a report on interlaboratory comparison for testing the migration of caprolactam, and 2,4-di-tert butyl phenol; over 80% of returned test results considered satisfactory

Swiss FCM regulation updated

Switzerland adopts new national food law; regulation on food contact materials as well as annexes covering plastic articles, silicone articles and printing inks updated

EU working group on FCMs: New meeting summary

EU Commission’s working group on FCMs discusses migration testing guidelines, 7th amendment to plastic FCM regulation, mineral oil migration, authorization of recycling processes, and EFSA opinion on safety assessment of FCMs