Tenax film for migration experiments

Scientists develop Tenax film as a more convenient alternative to Tenax powder to be used as dry foods simulant in migration experiments; migration into film is lower than into powder, offers more realistic estimation of migration into food

Hazard assessment of FCM extracts

Scientists review studies on the use of select bioassays to assess hazard of food contact materials; bioassays considered a useful addition to targeted chemical analysis, especially in the assessment of finished materials and articles

Modeling migration of oligomers from PET

Scientists derive diffusion coefficients for PET oligomers under swelling conditions; compare predictions by Piringer and Welle migration models

Podcast on plasticizers and fast food

Environmental Defense Fund podcast discusses scientific study showing link between high fast food consumption and increased urinary phthalate levels

EU plastic FCM regulation amended

European Commission publishes 7th amendment to plastic FCM regulation; inclusion of 6 new substances in Union List; new SML for nickel; food simulants and compliance testing specified; food contact surface area to volume ratio clarified

FPF Workshop 2017: Program and registration online

Event program and registration for Food Packaging Forum’s annual workshop now online; live webcast available; register before September 28, 2017!

Optimizing analytics for quantification of unknown substances

Scientists propose a method for semi-quantification of unknown substances; exemplify significance of various technical parameters; demonstrate method performance with paperboard FCM extract

EU plastic converters discuss risk assessment of FCMs

Food Contact Plastics Seminar highlights NIAS, printing inks, provides regulatory updates

Colloquium on safety of food packaging

Society of Toxicology and FDA hold colloquium on safety assessment of food packaging and other food contact substances on May 23, 2017 in Maryland, U.S.; registration open until May 15, 2017

Health risks of aluminum FCMs

Scientists evaluate consumer health risks from food contact articles made of aluminum; tolerable weekly intake may be significantly exceeded with grill pans and camping cookware used with acidic foodstuffs