FPF Workshop 2018: Predictions and decisions

Karim Bschir from ETH Zurich argues that quality of science-based predictions does not by itself guarantee for good decisions because decisions are influenced by value preferences; values should be explicitly communicated and openly discussed by science community

EU food risks alert annual report 2017

EU publishes annual report of its rapid alert system for food and feed (RASFF); 119 notifications related to food contact materials, 34 classified as serious health risks requiring immediate action

EFSA conference 2018: Engaging society

Presentations at EFSA conference 2018 address current challenges in societal engagement, inequalities limiting participation of citizens and NGOs in science and regulation in the EU

EFSA conference 2018: Values in risk assessment

Opening session at EFSA conference 2018 addresses recognition and management of values in risk assessment and decision making, discusses factors important for fit-for-purpose risk assessment

Web resource for nanotechnology in Switzerland

Pilot website with nanomaterials-related information launched in Switzerland

Environmental risk assessment across fields

Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) hold joint symposium on environmental risk assessment, see ‘urgent need for harmonization of environmental risk assessment in different scientific fields’

EU Commission’s draft regulation on transparency in risk assessment

EU Commission proposes regulation to improve transparency and sustainability in risk assessment of food safety in the EU; feedback accepted until June 8, 2018

California to address chemicals in FCMs

State of California’s Safer Consumer Products program considers assessing chemicals in food packaging within its 2018-2020 work plan

Consultation on risk assessment transparency

EU Commission launches public consultation on transparency of risk assessment in food chain, seeks feedback on independence, risk communication, governance of EFSA

Consultation on EC’s approach to food safety

EU Commission publishes roadmap for “transparency and sustainability of the EU food and feed safety risk assessment model,” aims to increase transparency and involvement of Member States in EFSA’s assessments; public consultation open until January 17, 2018