European Parliament sends clear message to European Commission to act on EDCs

ENVI Committee of the European Parliament adopts DRAFT report on endocrine disruptors

ACC says BPA is safe for use in food contact materials

The American Chemistry Council responds to a new scientific study on the effects of BPA on thyroid function

New York Times: Endocrine Disruptors, the culprits of increasing obesity rates

The New York Times publishes an article discussing the role of endocrine disruptors in increasing obesity rates around the world

BPA replacement also interferes with the endocrine system at low doses

New study shows that BPS, a BPA replacement, leads to cell proliferation at low doses and interferes with normal estradiol induced signaling pathways

Controversy about the safety of plastic food contact materials

A recently published review article by Korean researchers sparks a scientific debate on the safety of plastic food contact materials containing hormone active substances.

Assessing the chemical safety of food contact materials: A case study

New study with recycled paperboard shows possibilities and limits of chemical analysis for known and unknown food contact material migrants.

Upcoming Events: European conference to enhance collaborative research and innovation

The European Parliament hosts a conference focusing on the new EU funding instrument Horizon 2020

Regulation of chemicals used in food packaging: an understandable and concise overview

The frameworks regulating food packaging differ amongst countries and are very complex: the FPF gives an overview

BPA during pregnancy affects thyroid function in newborn boys

First study to link maternal BPA exposure to neonatal thyroid function in male newborns but mechanisms remain unclear

US NIEHS Director welcomes tiered approach as a first step towards inherently safe chemicals

Tiered protocol for identifying EDCs can be used by industry voluntarily to respond to consumers’ demand of inherently safer chemicals