More funding for research of environmental chemicals

Interagency report demands more government funding of environmental health research into breast cancer in support of primary prevention

BPA exposure too low to have health effects

New study estimating BPA exposure to be safe raises opposing voices

Mineral oil, DIPN migration from paperboard

New study of mineral oil and diisopropyl naphthalene migration from paper and board under different storage conditions, storage durations and temperatures

Breaking News: WHO and UNEP publish EDC report

WHO and UNEP State of the Science report calls uncertainties and knowledge gaps on EDCs too important to ignore, better testing methods and more comprehensive research required

Post- and prenatal BPA exposure associated with BMI

CHAMACOS study links prenatal BPA exposure to lowered BMI and postnatal BPA exposure to increased BMI

Perfluorinated compounds linked to osteoarthritis, association not significant

New study links PFOS and PFOA exposure to osteoarthritis in women but association does not reach significance

New York: Bloomberg to propose ban of polystyrene food packaging

New York’s mayor Bloomberg tries to increase plastic recycling through banning plastic foam food packaging

Germany: Anthraquinone no longer recommended for food packaging

BfR withdraws anthraquinone recommendation for food packaging after reevaluation of migration

Research initiative for safe nanomaterials

U.S. NIEHS publishes research program to evaluate the health and safety effects of nanomaterials

Experts call for more transparency on chemical data

Making raw data used in chemical evaluations publicly available would increase transparency of regulatory decisions