ACC: No causal link between BPA exposure and obesity

ACC responds to new BPA study linking the chemical to obesity in puberty-aged girls

Perchlorate found on European fruit and vegetables

German TV channel analyzes European food samples for chemical contaminant perchlorate, authorized for food contact in the US

BPA linked to obesity in puberty-aged girls

New study finds Chinese girls aged 9 to 12 with above-average BPA levels to be at higher risk of obesity

ACC supports Endocrine Screening Program and calls upon revision of defect Tier 1 assays

ACC issues press release supporting the EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program

EPA publishes EDC screening priority list

US EPA finalizes list for endocrine disrupting chemical screening, several food contact substances included

BPA exposure linked to prostate cancer

New study finds increased incidence of prostate cancer in human prostate tissue exposed to BPA using a novel xenograft mouse model

Opinion: Lack of information on paraben exposure

Health & Environment article points to paraben exposures, including from food packaging

Understanding the chemical regulatory system better in order to reform TSCA

House subcommittee hosts hearing on TSCA reform, ACC comments

Official from Chinese FDA says food safety law revision is urgently needed

Chinese news report on an interview with anonymous Chinese official

Research on nanomaterial toxicity presented

Need for grouping of nanomaterials to carry out  risk evaluation efficiently, recommends NanoGEM research program