Report on latest European EDC developments

EU Parliament publishes paper providing an overview of recent developments related to endocrine disrupting chemicals at the European level

NIA webinar on nanomaterial safety

Nanotechnology Industries Association holds two webinars; speakers focus on latest research and tools to develop safe materials, build commercial and consumer confidence

Brazilian chemicals bill under review

Industry association meeting with Brazilian government urges continued work on national chemicals management bill; seen as necessary for accession to the OECD, would result in creation of national chemicals register, technical committees

JRC: Avoid pre-heating for migration testing

EU Reference Laboratory for Food Contact Materials completes study on the impacts of pre-heating food contact materials before migration testing; advises reference laboratories to avoid pre-heating

IPEN: ‘alarming levels’ in recycled plastics

Analyses of consumer products made of recycled plastics show high concentrations of brominated dioxins and brominated flame retardants; IPEN calls for stricter controls

TSCA and confidential business information

Court finds that U.S. EPA needs to revise substantiation required for companies to claim confidential business information under Toxic Substances Control Act; Environmental Defense Fund calls for new consultation on proposed rule

Rigid polyolefin recycling capacity in Europe

Plastic Recyclers Europe reports 1.7 million tons of installed recycling capacity for the waste stream, packaging still the largest use

Calls to upgrade U.S. recycling system

U.S. House Committee discusses needs for improving plastic recycling in U.S.; only 9% of all plastics currently being recycled, 92% of consumers unsure or misinformed about recyclability of plastic products

Recent efforts to assess nanomaterials

EU and U.S. projects and collaborations focus on nanotechnology; prioritize joint research areas, develop categorization scheme, review gaps in existing nanotoxicology research, aim to establish criteria for efficient risk assessment

UK government discusses toxic chemicals

UK House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee enquires into ‘Toxic chemicals in everyday life,’ hears evidence on chemical exposure, discusses post-Brexit regulatory situation for chemicals in products including food contact materials