Genotoxic chemicals in coatings

Scientists compile inventory of compounds potentially used in coatings; 1,976 substances have no (recent) toxicological evaluation; subset analyzed by in silico tools and literature search, 10 compounds designated as ‘high concern’

In vitro testing of paper and board FCMs

Scientists test paper and board FCMs in 8 in vitro bioassays; all 20 samples showed positive responses in at least one of the assays; chemicals in paper and board FCMs require further investigation to ensure safety

DEHP increases BPA exposure

Scientists show that diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) leads to higher accumulation of bisphenol A (BPA) in reproductive tissues of mice, likely due to competition for detoxification enzymes

New test methods for EDCs needed

JRC expert survey identifies gaps in test methods for evaluating endocrine disruptors; new methods for thyroid, metabolic, immune disorders, as well as hormone-related cancers seen as priority

Regulatory acceptance of non-animal tests

U.S. federal agencies’ committee releases draft roadmap for further developmnt of alternative testing approaches, aimed at improving regulatory acceptance; public consultation open until August 31, 2017

Hazard assessment of FCM extracts

Scientists review studies on the use of select bioassays to assess hazard of food contact materials; bioassays considered a useful addition to targeted chemical analysis, especially in the assessment of finished materials and articles

Cardiotoxicity of BPA

CLARITY-BPA study finds BPA exposure to increase incidence and severity of cardiomyopathy, promoting myocardial degeneration; BPA’s cardiotoxicity could be caused by adverse vascular events

AOPs in Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment

OECD publishes guidance on the use of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) in developing Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA); AOPs to support chemical grouping, development of models, test methods, and testing strategies, and interpretation of test results

Reference guide on health effects of chemicals

Integrative Environmental Medicine book provides comprehensive overview of chemical effects on health, outlines resources and tools helping to reduce exposure and risks

MigraTox: Optimizing in vitro testing of FCMs

Austrian Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology (OFI) initiates MigraTox project to work on optimizing and standardizing sample preparation and bioassays for in vitro testing of food contact materials; focuses on genotoxicity assays; calls on industrial partners to collaborate and provide samples